The first two certifications LegnOK achieved by Bureau Veritas

25 April

Alfio Forelli Segheria Imballaggi and Vasto Legno SpA: the first two Italian companies that get LegnOK brand, availed themselves of the competence of Bureau Veritas staff for the substantiation of their qualification on the field.

The DUE DILIGENCE LegnOK system, has been developed by ConLegno (Wood and Cork Consortium Service) and validated by the European Commission on 19 August 2013.

ConLegno is a monitoring organization, highly praised in Italy, which has identified, among the nominated partners, Bureau Veritas institution to carry out the verification.

Alfio Forelli and Vasto Legno, fulfil the obligations of the EUTR No 995/2010, better known as Wood Regulation through the application of the Due Diligence LegnOk system (described in LegnOK rules, available for member companies).

The outcome of the control, performed by the auditors of Bureau Veritas, recognized them the right to use the LegnOk trademark.

LegnOK brand certifies the proper use of the Due Diligence Legnok system and represents a valuable tool for operators, to attest their compliance with the Wood regulations, also in view of the recent approval of the implementing decree of the EU regulation, by the Ministry of Agriculture and the subsequent start-up of control by the State Forestry (source: “Paper Industry” magazine, September 2014 “Due diligence, we start with the controls” Interview with the State Forestry Body).

Alfio Forelli Segheria Imballaggi: company of FITOK trail (voluntary phytosanitary mark, part of Wood and Cork Consortium Service, meets the requirements of the international standard ISPM-15 in the field of wood packaging used for marketing). Alfio Forelli produces pallets and wood packaging material coming from countries outside the EU.

Vasto Legno SpA: company already FSC® certified (Forest Stewardship Council®) CoC (Chain of Custody) and OLB (Origin and légalité des Bois) with Bureau Veritas, whose main activity is the marketing and the first processing of exotic timber from Congo Basin forests.

Bureau Veritas Certification has been involved for years to support its customers in the road towards sustainability in the timber-paper field, becoming more and more involved in the battle against deforestation.