18 February

After the riots of March 2013 in Central African Republic (CAR), that brought to power the military, the country descended into ethnic and religious conflicts between Muslim and Christian communities, which boosted an institutional crisis, worsening the already critical state of malaise.

The unrest, besides the high risk of genocide, has displaced tens of thousands of Central Africans; many of them have crossed the border countries.

The SEFAC group, having two manufacturing sites in the villages of LIBONGO and BELA, both located on the Sangha river, besides hosting local workers and their families, have become over the years true rural communities and a multi-ethnic frontier for the Central African Republic.

The huge and enduring crisis in CAR promptly stimulated SEFAC Management to set aids, especially in handling the humanitarian activities to cope with the massive entry of refugees from the territories in war, such as:

  • Health cares through vaccinations and specific prophylaxis for the refugees entering at the sites of Libongo and Bela.
  • Accommodations for the migrants
  • A team-challenge with institutional partners, focused in the operations of humanitarian crises

Read the full report: Rapport de monitoring : Situation des refugiés centrafricains dans les localités de Béla et Libongo (FRA)